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When you file a residential or commercial property damage claim with your insurance company, DRI Clean & Restoration can assist you with the complex requirements.


The claims process can be long, complex, and difficult. Having worked with nearly all of the major insurance carriers in California, DRI Clean & Restoration has a thorough working knowledge of their requirements and can assist you in quickly navigating the claims process. In many cases, we can bill insurance companies directly for our services.


Contact your insurance agent or visit your insurance company’s website and report the claim. The customer service representative will ask for basic information such as your name, address, phone number, and policy number. Make sure the information they have is correct and updated. A key piece of information will be who is listed as your mortgage company (if any) on the property.


An adjuster will be assigned to your claim. The adjuster could be hired by your insurance company (independent) or one of their employees (in house). At DRI Clean & Restoration we have worked with most of the local adjusters and have developed a good reputation with them which can greatly aid in the whole process. The adjuster will contact you to arrange an appointment to inspect the loss and begin their investigation of your claim. In many cases the adjuster may not inspect the loss until AFTER emergency services have been completed.


The adjuster will inspect the damages and loss site, take photographs, collect any documentation you may have, and review your information. The adjuster may assign additional inspections by experts such as plumbers, contractors, roofers, engineers, hygienists, and mold/asbestos testing companies. Never throw away or dispose of any damaged items without thoroughly documentation them first. We recommend that any structural components that were replaced (ex: plumbing parts) are saved so the adjuster can see the damaged material. Do not let your contractor, plumber or appliance repair person dispose of these items.


The adjuster will determine coverage applicable based on the facts of the loss. Every loss is unique and different and must be fully investigated before coverage can be determined. The coverage will either be full, denied, or partially covered/denied.


The adjuster may work with your contractor to determine the scope of repairs covered under your loss. They may also create their own estimate based on their inspection and investigation. On many losses where the total cost of repairs exceeds a pre-determined amount (usually $5,000.00 dollars) the mortgagee (if any) may be required to be named on any payments for repairs.


The adjuster may need information such as warranties, repair invoices, photos etc. in order to pursue subrogation against a third party which may be liable for your loss.


Remember, as the property owner, you absolutely have the right to choose who will perform any and all repairs at your residence or business. The adjuster may make recommendations but you are not required to use a “preferred” vendor from the insurance company.


Nearly all insurance policies have a requirement section called a “duty to mitigate”. This means that as a home or business owner, you have an obligation to try and lesson the damages through your actions regardless of any actions (or inaction) by your insurance company. This means you must take steps to clean up, reasonably repair, or stop further damages in your home. By contacting a company like DRI Clean & Restoration to quickly respond and assist with your damages, you are proactively making a step towards fulfilling this obligation. Waiting for any length of time to clean up damages in your home may lead to secondary damages which could potentially be not covered by your insurance under the terms of your policy.

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